New look for Five Corner Square

On 1 March 2022, works got under way at “Five Corner Square”, the intersection of Bracka, Krucza, Zgoda, Szpitalna and Chmielna Streets in heart of Warsaw’s downtown to transform the character of this once-busy intersection. Rafał Guz/PAP

This week, we’re in Warsaw and John Beauchamp has a chat with architect Michał Kempiński about the redesign of Five Corner Square, which is also going to have a sculptural surprise from the same artist who crafted the Warsaw Palm, Joanna Rajkowska.

This podcast goes out exactly one month since Russia started its war with Ukraine. On Friday 24 March, President Biden was in Warsaw for talks and to show solidarity with Ukraine, a day after attending a NATO summit in Brussels.

Meanwhile, the number of people running from the conflict is still increasing. In a month since the conflict started, million Ukrainians have entered Poland. Some have travelled on, some have stayed.

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On the the next episode of the Debrief (2 April), we’ll be looking at how specialists from the Polish National Heritage Institute are helping Ukrainians save their cultural heritage against potential Russian destruction.