New life for ‘Senster’ robotic sculpture

A portmanteau of sensual and monster, the 4.5-metre-long Senster enthralled audiences in the early 1970s. Kalbar/TFN

The ‘Senster’, one of the world’s first robotic sculptures to be controlled by a digital computer, has gone on display at Warsaw’s Zachęta art gallery.

A portmanteau of ‘sensual’ and ‘monster’, the robot was created in the late 1960s by the cybernetic art sculptor Edward Ihnatowicz. It was lost and then rediscovered and lovingly restored at Kraków’s AGH University of Science and Technology. 

In the show, host John Beauchamp talks to research fellow at AGH Dr Anna Olszewska about the Senster and how it was restored.

As a bonus to this week’s episode, John talks with the inventor’s son Richard Ihnatowicz about how his father got into making machine art.

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