New automotive components manufacturing plant to be built in Poland

The Korea Electric Terminal Company will spend up to PLN 90 mln (EUR 21.0 mln) to build a plant which will manufacture components for electric cars, in Zabrze, southern Poland.

According to the information provided by Katowice (southern Poland) Special Economic Zone (KSSE), the new factory will produce electrical and electronic modules for electric cars.

The Korean company will employ 250 employees, and invest up to PLN 90 million in the construction of the plant and the purchase of equipment.

Last year, the KSSE obtained 51 new investments worth over PLN 2.5 billion (EUR 583 mln) compared to 58 projects for over PLN 3.4 billion (793 mln) a year earlier. In 2018, investors declared the creation of at least 2,100 new jobs and the maintenance of over 20,000 jobs.

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