New Abrams tanks to be placed 'east of Vistula' says defence minister

The defence minister said on Friday that the 250 Abrams tanks the government plans to buy from the US will be deployed “east of the Visutla” to “defend Poland.”

Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told a Catholic radio broadcaster on Friday that the state-of-the-art Abrams tanks would act as a deterrent "because an aggressor will be aware that the Polish Armed Forces are equipped with tanks that give Poland an advantage."

The government announced last week its intention to buy 250 of the latest M1A2 Abrams from the US for an estimated USD 6 billion. The first of the main battle tanks are expected to be delivered next year.

Blaszczak said: "The Abrams tanks will be stationed in Poland, east of the Vistula. They will defend Poland and Warsaw, they will deter any aggressors."

He went on to say that the purchase of the Abrams was close to being completed.

"Talks are ongoing," he said. "We have agreed on the scale, scope and version of the Abrams tanks which will make their way to Poland."

He noted Poland will get the latest version of the Abrams, in use with the US Army since 2019, and that it will be capable of countering the threat posed by the ultra-modern Russian T-14 Armata tanks.

"Just as the (fifth generation) F-35 fighters were a technological leap for the air force, so will the Abrams tanks be to the armoured forces," he said.