Negotiatations with Putin have failed says minister


Attempts to negotiate with Vladimir Putin have achieved nothing, a deputy Polish foreign minister has said in an interview for the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero" published on Friday.

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek asked those who wanted to talk to the Russian leader if they would have tried to negotiate with Hitler and Stalin.

"We want to publicly ask those who, against all political reason and human decency, are still trying to uphold contacts with Putin: what have you achieved?" he said. "Have your efforts stopped as much as one attack by Russian armoured troops? One bomb raid on Ukrainian cities and villages? Would you have also negotiated with Hitler or Stalin?"

He added that the question would probably remain rhetorical, as "we hear no satisfying answers from our Western partners."

His words reflect Polish annoyance with attempts by some European politicians to negotiate with Putin despite Russia's savage invasion of Ukraine.

According to the deputy minister, EU sanctions on Russia were "unprecedented" but insufficient, and needed to be supplemented by an embargo on Russian hydrocarbons even at the cost of higher fuel and gas costs for Europeans.

"This (escalation in sanctions - PAP) could effectively hit Russia's economy and finances and, as a result, encourage (Russia - PAP) to relax its policy towards Ukraine, and perhaps even end its invasion. The price for this will also be borne by EU citizens, but this price will be lower than if Russia continues to escalate its war in Ukraine," Szynkowski vel Sek said.