NBP submits notification on suspicion of committing a crime by Donald Tusk

Rafał Guz/PAP

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) on Thursday informed PAP that it plans to notify prosecutor of suspected crime committed by Donald Tusk and Tomasz Siemoniak of the oppositionist Civic Platform (PO).

"Tomorrow, the NBP will submit notifications of committing a crime by D. Tusk and T. Siemoniak. The prosecutor's office will examine whether their unlawful statements meet criteria of a crime specified in the penal code, including threats," the central bank tweeted on Thursday.

At the beginning of July, the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, said that if the Civic Platform won the election, he would "lead Glapinski out of the NBP". On Thursday, Tusk added that according to the opinion of the Civic Platform, the appointment of Glapinski was burdened with "irremovable legal obstacles". Tomasz Siemoniak, deputy head of the Civic Platform, also spoke about the "removal of the NBP president" after winning the elections.

"It was nice of Siemoniak to say that 'strong people will come and take the president out' (...) I would be afraid if Poland entered such a period of its history that strong people would lead government officials that they did not like out of institutions. It will not happen," Glapinski commented last Friday.

Referring to Tusk, Glapinski then said that "such people should be excluded from public life once and for all".

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