NATO's policy good for Poland's security

The direction that NATO is heading in is good for Poland's security, Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said on Wednesday morning before his departure for a NATO summit in Brussels.

Leaders of NATO member states will discuss ways to increase the Alliance's defence capabilities, Mariusz Błaszczak said.

"These issues were discussed in June at a NATO defence ministers' summit. I believe that it is a good direction, that the initiatives which are going to be presented to country leaders are very valuable for Poland's security," the minister said.

In this context, Błaszczak mentioned an initiative under which land, air and navy forces would be ready to respond in a crisis situation within 30 days.

Poland is preparing to take an active part in the initiative, the minister said.

Another initiative concerns the establishment of two strategic headquarters, one to manage transport and the other one to deal with logistics issues.

Poland has prepared an agenda of bilateral meetings for the summit, including with its key ally, the United States, the minister said.