Nato troops on alert after Polish aircraft intercepted by Russian plane

Nato remains vigilant, PAP reported, quoting the Alliance's Headquarters. Leszek Szymański/PAP

Nato Air Policing troops have been put on alert following an incident in which a Polish Border Guard aircraft was approached over the Black Sea by a Russian fighter jet, PAP has been told by Nato Headquarters.

The Polish Border Guard Turbolet L-410 aircraft was approached three times over the Black Sea on Friday by a Russian fighter jet, which performed aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres.

PAP was told on Monday by Nato Headquarters that Nato Air Policing troops had been put on a heightened state of alert in response to the dangerous behaviour of a Russian military aircraft near a Polish plane.

Nato remains vigilant, PAP reported, quoting the Alliance's Headquarters.

During the incident, the Polish crew had reportedly lost control of the aircraft and altitude for a moment but managed to land safely, according to Anna Michalska, a Border Guard spokesperson.

The Polish plane has been deployed in Romania since April 19 as part of a Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) operation under Romanian command – the JO MMO Black Sea 2023 mission. It is the second operation this year in which Polish border guards have taken part. The first one took place earlier this year in Italy.

"Patrols of the Polish plane were suspended until further notice. Other maritime patrols remain up and running and in accordance with schedule," Frontex reported on its website.

"This was a joint decision taken by the operation command and the Polish Border Guard," Michalska said, adding that a report on the incident had been sent to the State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation.

Michalska also said that further decisions would be taken after the incident had been thoroughly examined.