Nato to investigate cyber-attacks on Poland - source

Nato's top bodies will, likely next week, analyse a spate of recent e-mail hacks against Polish politicians, a source at the military bloc's headquarters has told PAP.

According to the source, the North Atlantic Council, Nato's top decision-making body, will deal with the case.

"Experts from Poland and Nato are in contact when it comes to the cyber-attacks on Poland," the source told PAP on Saturday. "Nato's top bodies will discuss the matter, probably next week."

"This (the hacks - PAP) is in line with a whole range of Russian actions," the source added.

"Every now and then, a Nato member state reports hacker attacks on institutions and politicians," the source said.

On Friday, Poland's deputy PM and ruling party leader Jarosław Kaczyński said the recent email hacks against Polish politicians had originated from the territory of Russia, quoting Poland's and its allies' special services.

Also on Friday, Poland informed Nato members about the recent attacks, the RMF FM radio broadcaster has reported.

According to PAP information, Poland also passed the information to other EU member states, the European Commission and the European Council as well as US, Canadian and British ambassadors.

Among the politicians who have been hacked are the prime minister's chief of staff and his wife as well as the deputy spokesman for the ruling party.

The Polish lower house held a closed-door session on Wednesday to discuss the attacks.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller said after the meeting that Polish politicians are now facing a disinformation campaign that may last for weeks.

Mueller also said the Polish special services have identified some of the culprits responsible for the disinformation.

Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for the Polish special services chief, told PAP on Thursday that Poland is under constant "information aggression" from Russia.