Nato chief expresses solidarity with Poland over migrant crisis


Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said in an interview with Italian daily Corriere della Sera that the alliance is in solidarity with Poland over Belarus's "cynical and inhuman" use of migrants as a tool of hybrid tactics.

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia accuse Belarus's Alexander Lukashenko regime of orchestrating a migration crisis at their borders with his country as a hybrid war tactic aimed at destabilising the EU.

In an interview published on Friday, Stoltenberg expressed deep concern over the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border and similar events at Lithuania and Latvia's borders with Belarus.

Stoltenberg said Nato was monitoring the situation in Poland and said the alliance was in solidarity with Poland and all Nato member states engaged in the matter.

He said the Atlantic Council had issued a strong declaration condemning Lukashenko for using innocent and weak people as a tool for his hybrid war tactic, aimed at exerting pressure on neighbouring countries.

He added that Nato had sent a team of experts to Lithuania when it was faced with migratory pressure a few weeks ago and gave his assurance that Nato HQ was constantly exchanging information.