NATO Battalion Battle Group exercises in eastern Poland

A NATO Battalion Battle Group, in Poland to reinforce the Alliance's eastern flank, started exercises in the north-east of the country on Tuesday.

Around 1,500 soldiers are practising road manoeuvres and familiarising themselves with the terrain of the Rospuda Valley region. 

The 15th Gizycka Mechanised Brigade's press officer, Anna Bielak-Pestka, told PAP the main aim of the 'Bull Run' exercises was to check the readiness of detachments forming the Battalion Battle Group to conduct a march along a designated route. The soldiers are learning the roads and the Rospuda Valley's terrain. She added that the exercises were planned and were for training purposes. 

All the units making up the Battalion Battle Group, including soldiers from the United States, Britain, Romania and Croatia, as well as the 1st Mazowsze Mechanised Cavalry Battalion, left from Bemowo Piskie (northeastern Poland) for exercises led by the commander of the 15th Gizycka Mechanised Brigade, General Jaroslaw Gromadzinski. 

During the current exercises, the soldiers are mobilised in 20 columns and are using 250 vehicles. They will make their way to the northeastern border where they will remain in battle readiness until their return to Bemowo Piskie on Wednesday. 

The NATO Battalion Battle Group has been stationed at Bemowo Piskie since April, 2017, to reinforce the Alliance's eastern flank. The first rotation of troops finished its tour of duty in Poland in October and was replaced by new troops for a further six months.