National Stadium temporary hospital to be operational mid-week

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

A temporary hospital built at Warsaw's National Stadium should become operational on Wednesday and will be ready to receive its first patients.

The decision on whether to accept patients rests with doctors, among those from the Interior Ministry hospital, Michal Dworczyk, the head of the prime minister’s office, said on a Catholic radio station while announcing the opening of the hospital.

He explained that the authorities are currently struggling with a lack of beds for infected patients, especially in those regions where the virus rates are highest.

"We're battling to make as many COVID-19 beds available as possible and that causes additional ideas to arise, solutions thanks to which patients in a serious condition will be able to find a hospital place, hence the concept of isolators," he said, adding that places for patients with mild symptoms are emerging nationwide.

“Isolators” are places where infected people recover, and the government wants to increase their capacity as part of its new pandemic “strategy 3.0” it unveiled on Tuesday.

Patients who cannot isolate at home are sent to isolators if, for example, they live with people in a high-risk group.

Dworczyk went on to say that, due to the infection rate, temporary hospitals must be created, and that Warsaw's National Stadium would have a capacity of 1,100-1,200 COVID-19 beds.