National Security Council sitting over Belarus considered - official

A sitting of the National Security Council (RBN) is being considered since the situation in Belarus is very dynamic and dangerous from the point of view of our interests, Polish presidential minister Andrzej Dera said on Monday.

In an interview with Tlit WP, Dera said that the post-election situation in Belarus resembled the Polish August of 1981, when the people again felt the call of freedom. "The pictures from Belarus show that the Belarusian nation has been waking up," he said.

Asked about the appeal made by the Polish and Lithuanian heads of state to the Belarusian authorities, in which the two presidents called for the full recognition and observance of democratic standards, Dera said that "their reaction is a call for the observance of elementary principles in order to avoid what happened in Belarus on Sunday night."

"This voice must be heard in Europe. A situation in which human rights are being violated and people disappear in an unexplained way in Belarus is unacceptable" Dera stated.

Asked whether the Polish president would convene an RBN sitting, Dera answered that "more steps will be taken later on Monday," and added that "common and wise actions of the entire political class are necessary."

Belarusian police fired water cannon, tear gas and stun grenades in a crackdown on protests that erupted on Sunday. At least one person was killed and dozens were injured in clashes between police and protesters after the Belarus presidential election, according to the rights group Spring 96.

The RBN is a constitutional advisory body appointed by the president to debate internal and external security of the state.