National Recovery Plan awaiting EU approval says official

A spokesman for the Polish government has said that all recommendations made by the European Commission regarding the post-pandemic National Recovery Plan have been implemented.

Piotr Mueller told the TVP Info television channel that the technical negotiations around the plan were finished, and all that remained was for the EU to approve the plan.

"The European Commission should now pass the document (the National Recovery Plan - PAP) to the EU Council for approval, because the technical part of the talks has been concluded," Mueller said.

The National Recovery Plan outlines how Poland will spend around EUR 58 billion from the EU's Recovery Fund for pandemic-affected economies.

The plan, however, requires the approval of the EU before the funds can be accessed. Talks on the plan's approval have been delayed, apparently, by the Polish government asking the country’s Constitutional Tribunal to assess whether the Polish constitution has primacy over EU law.

Earlier this month EU economy commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said the primacy issue was one of the reasons why the talks with Poland were continuing.