National Cloud Operator becomes strategic partner of Google Cloud


Poland's National Cloud Operator (Operator Chmury Krajowej, OChK) announced the conclusion of a strategic agreement with Google on Friday, thanks to which OChK will offer Google cloud computing services and a Google Cloud region will be set up in Warsaw.

The Google Cloud region will be a technical and programming infrastructure hub for Central and Eastern Europe.

The strategic partnership agreement with a global technological partner - Google - is intended to help Polish companies implement and make use of the potential offered by advanced cloud computing technology in business. Google Cloud Platform products will become attached to the offer of the National Cloud Operator.

The digitalisation of Polish enterprises was one of the key provisions lying at the foundation of OCK's creation, which was initiated and developed by PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund (PFR), the shareholders in OChK.

PKO BP President Zbigniew Jagiello said, "we can talk about a fundamental step from the point of view of the Polish economy," calling the development the "foundation upon which global technology offered by the Google company can be used for the development of Polish firms and the Polish economy."

"I deeply believe that these cloud solutions, that we want to offer to Polish companies, Polish enterprises, the Polish economy, will be a milestone not only in the digitalisation or the digital transformation of the Polish economy but they will be a milestone in the economic expansion of Polish companies and the Polish economy in Europe and worldwide," Jagiello added.

He went on to describe cloud computing as "an inevitable global trend" in relation to which it is worth "using at the earliest stage."

"Worth it for us to have secure, local solutions that will create the infrastructure to use global technology," he said.

The president of the Polish Development Fund, Pawel Borys, noted that his institution is interested in "investment projects that support the development of modern sectors and enterprises" and that the investment in OChK "fits in ideally with the PFR's strategy as an important element in the digitalisation of the country."