National bank to help finance Polish nuclear power plant – bank governor

Paweł Supernak/PAP

Poland's central bank will help the state to obtain 51 percent of the funds necessary to build the country's first NPP, the bank’s governor has told the "Sieci" weekly.

Adam Glapinski, governor of the National Bank of Poland, told the weekly on Monday: "At the start, let the Americans build six nuclear power plants here... The Polish side, with the help of the NBP, will provide the financial infrastructure for 51 percent of the necessary funds and the Americans for the remaining 49 percent."

Furthermore, he announced that the central bank plans to purchase an additional 100 tonnes of gold in the coming years.

"At the moment, we have 229 tonnes, and about half of this total was purchased during my term in office. We have added a large amount to Polish vaults. Within a few years, we want to purchase at least a 100 tonnes more and to keep this gold in Poland," Glapinski added.