National air carrier launches full holiday schedule from Warsaw

National flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines said in a Saturday press release that it would fly a full holiday schedule from Warsaw as well as from nine regional airports.

Under the slogan #FlightforSummer, LOT is returning to scheduled flights to 36 of the most popular European holiday destinations in July and August, the airline wrote. From July 3, passengers will have the opportunity to fly to Croatia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Albania and the islands of Santorini, Kos, Corfu and Crete, among other summer destinations.

Along with the new schedule come changes in passenger services including all seats on board planes being available for sale. LOT has also replaced the issuance of traditional paper newspapers and magazines with electronic publications, with over 1,000 titles available.

In line with the #SafeLOT procedure, passenger are still obliged to cover their nose and mouth while on board for the duration of the flight and to maintain an appropriate distance during check-in.

"During the flight, personnel equipped with the appropriate protective equipment, will conduct on board service while maintaining the principles of limited contact between server and passengers," the release stated.