12/05/2020 31/12/2020

My heart will always be in Nowy Sącz: Exhibition in honour of theatre dame Zofia Rysiówna

J. Szujski Public Library

A beautiful exhibition in honour of Zofia Rysiówna’s 100 birthday is being held in the cellars of the J. Szujski Public Library in Nowy Sącz.

In addition to theatrical reviews and interviews with the actress, the exhibition presents a wealth of photos, costume books and articles written about her.

Zofia Rysiówna (1920-2003) was one of Poland’s most well-known theatrical and movie actresses. She played in many theatres around Poland but mainly in Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw. She also appeared in nearly 70 theatrical plays that were screened on Polish television.

Link to the exhibition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AisQ_-Xsfc4