My dismissal means end of United Right coalition - Gowin

Rafał Guz/PAP

Jaroslaw Gowin, the deputy prime minister, whose dismissal has been announced today, has stated that it is the end of the United Right coalition.

"All of us are aware of the fact that my dismissal, resulting from my faithfulness to the United Right programme, in fact, breaks down the government coalition and is the end of the United Right," Gowin told reporters on Tuesday evening.

The United Right coalition comprises Law and Justice (PiS), and two junior partners, namely Solidary Poland and Agreement led by Gowin.

Having repeated that he had always been faithful to the United Right programme, Gowin stated that many elements of the New Deal programme, especially tax solutions, were incompatible with this programme.

Gowin added that his Agreement party board will meet on Wednesday to decide the future of other politicians of the grouping in the United Right coalition.

He said that he had learnt about his dismissal from mass media, which, in his opinion, was proof of a 'political anti-culture' recently prevailing in the United Right camp.

Earlier in the day the government spokesman announced that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had signed a motion to dismiss Gowin and had sent it to the president.