Musical spectacle 'Freedom in the Blood' crowns Armed Forces Day

The spectacle was a collage of various artistic and performance forms. Rafał Guz/PAP

A musical spectacle entitled 'Freedom in the Blood', was performed on Warsaw's Piłsudski’s Square on Wednesday evening as culmination of the city's Armed Forces Day celebrations.

The performance was organised by the National Bank of Poland as the highlight of its 'We Poles 1918-2018' programme to mark the centenary of Poland regaining independence. 'Freedom in the Blood' relates the story of a Polish family told through the main historical events of the last hundred years.

"It is in the family that Poles' great strength to strive for freedom is borne, and the fact that nothing is capable of breaking us," President Andrzej Duda declared in a speech opening the performance.

The president underscored that this family strength is at the core of Poland's endurance and "that we must never give up, that as a nation, being a collection of these families, we are like grass, they can run over us, we will bend, and we will get up again."

"Nothing is capable of breaking us, neither momentary disaster nor enslavement, nor the great losses that we have borne, we will always unerringly strive for freedom," Duda remarked. "Such is Poland, such are we, Poles, such are our soldiers," he declared.

The Polish history presented in 'Freedom in the Blood' was based on retrospect. The spectacle was a collage of various artistic and performance forms, from live footage (including of the Warsaw Uprising), through projections of archive material (the outbreak of World War II) and films recorded earlier, to displays of specially-made animations (the Polish-Bolshevik war) and illuminations on surrounding buildings (the occupation of the city by the Germans in September 1939).