Music legend dies after falling into coma

Robert Brylewski. Music legend dies after falling into coma Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

One of Poland’s most influential rock stars has died after being attacked in January.

Rocker Robert Brylewski fell into a coma after being beaten up in January this year.

Brylewski was a singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer who co-founded Poland’s punk band Kryzys (Crisis).

The musician who was also considered to be a pioneer of reggae in Poland, also played modern jazz, industrial, post-rock and electronic music. Throughout his career he recorded around 35 albums.

In the 1980s and later, he was the most important figure of the Polish underground - a music revolutionist, expressing and representing rebellion for the entire younger generation.

During communism he sang about freedom, capturing the hopes of many young people. In the mid 80s, he turned to reggae and other genres.

Later in his career he began exploring more experimental music, rising to become one of the most revered figures in underground music.

In the 1990s, Brylewski was increasingly interested in dub, rap and techno music. He founded the noise band Falarek, then also experimented with the jazz scene. The album "Do not go to work"  is considered one of the most important achievements of the Polish 90s music scene.

According to reports, Brylewski's health deteriorated significantly following the fight.

He discharged himself from hospital to play in the charity concert Gramy dla Syrii, which took place in the POLIN Museum Auditorium in Warsaw.

But he was recently rushed to hospital after falling into a coma.

He died on Sunday morning, June 3rd. Police are now investigating.

Brylewski left behind his partner, two daughters and a grandchild.