Murder most foul

Museum of Rawa Mazowiecka

This week we take a look at a story of a 14th century murder which was so gruesome even Skakespeare was inspired by it to write one of his plays hundreds of years later.

In this episode of The Debrief we’re back in the studio with Stuart Dowell, who explains how, towards the end of his reign, Siemowit III, the Duke of Masovia, committed a murder so vile and shocking that word of it spread like wildfire around the courts of Europe.

Chroniclers tell us that he was “a wise and noble ruler”. He took part in the prestigious congress of European monarchs in Krakow in 1364, and maintained good relations with Kazimierz the Great, even marrying his daughter to the king’s grandson. That didn’t stop him from committing the fateful crime, however…

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