Mural honouring Janusz Korczak to be painted in Italy

Public domain/ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Miedzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie im. Janusza Korczaka

A mural honouring Janusz Korczak, a Polish paediatrician, teacher, writer and children's rights advocate of Jewish descent who was murdered by the Germans during WWII, will be unveiled in Florence, Italy, on January 27.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed on January 27, marking the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi German concentration camp by Soviet forces.

The 80-square-metre mural by Romanian artist Ache 77, will be painted on the wall of a primary school in Florence.

The project has been supported by the head of the Jewish community in Florence, Marco Liscia, who underlined that this was a very important initiative. Sara Funaro of the local education authorities said the mural honouring Korczak would make his greatness remembered and better known.

A physician by profession, Janusz Korczak (real name Henryk Goldszmit) was a known educator and organiser of orphanages and child aid in pre-war Poland. From 1912 to 1942 he ran a home for Jewish children in Warsaw. In 1942 he accompanied the children in his care to the gas chambers of the Nazi German Treblinka death camp despite being offered freedom.