Most young Poles use mobile devices for e-shopping


Most Poles aged 18-29 use smartphones to do their online shopping while older people tend to rely on desktop computers and laptops, a survey has found.

Only 28 percent of the younger group, aged 18-29, use computers when shopping online, which compares to 62 percent of people over 60, according to an IBRiS poll for Santander Consumer Bank.

Across all age groups, 46 percent use their smartphones to do their online shopping, 33 percent reach for their laptops and 17 percent rely on desktop computers. Only 4 percent purchase goods online using a tablet.

Instant payments have become increasingly popular in Poland, with 7 out of 10 consumers choosing this payment method.

The most popular categories of goods include clothing (54 percent), footwear (25 percent), electronics (22 percent), cosmetics (21 percent) and books (18 percent).

Purchasing food online increased its popularity in 2022 to 11 percent of the respondents from just 5 percent a year before.

IBRiS ran the poll on a group of 1,000 adult Poles in October 2022.