Most Ukrainians in Poland satisfied with jobs

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

About 90 percent of Ukrainians working in Poland are satisfied with their jobs with only 10 percent of them looking for a new employer, a survey has shown.

Gremi Personal, a staffing agency for foreigners, found that 17 percent of highly-qualified Ukrainians had found jobs in the area they used to work in back home, 50 percent said they were looking for such jobs and 33 percent believed it was impossible to find one.

There are 739,000 Ukrainian citizens working in Poland, Gremi Personal added, quoting data from the social insurer ZUS.

Sixty percent of Ukrainians working in Poland said they could not find more specialist jobs owing to not being able to speak Polish, 15 percent believed that employers preferred Poles while 12 percent said their degree had not been recognised in Poland.

Thirteen percent admitted that they had not had a good job in Ukraine, either.

Half of the Ukrainians said they were learning Polish, 30 percent claimed they can already communicate in the language, 10 percent said they did not need Polish in their jobs and 10 percent said they had already learnt the language.

According to Anna Dzhobolda, director for international recruitment at Gremi Personal, Ukrainians have also set up a number of firms in Poland.

"Ukrainian companies are eager to employ Ukrainians," she said. "Thanks to this, highly-qualified specialists have the chance to find good jobs."

Gremi Personal carried out the survey in February 2023 among 1,350 Ukrainians who came to Poland after Russia invaded Ukraine a year before.