Most Ukrainian refugees have work, survey finds

Sebastian Gollnow/PAP/DPA

The vast majority of working-aged Ukrainian refugees in Poland have found work in the country, according to a survey commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The survey, carried out by the EWL Migration Platform and Warsaw University's Centre for Eastern Studies, found that 84 percent were now employed and that 27 percent of this group had managed to find a job during their first month in Poland.

Meanwhile, 41 percent of the working respondents (34 pct of the total refugee population in Poland) said they had found employment within one to three months of arriving in Poland.

The report's authors wrote that the high employment figures were the result of emergency changes to Polish labour laws that made it easier for Ukrainian refugees to find work.

According to the Polish Family and Social Policy Ministry, around 900,000 Ukrainians have found employment in Poland since Ukraine's invasion by Russia on February 24, 2022.

The survey was carried out on February 10-16 on 400 Ukrainian refugees residing in 34 localities across the country.