Most Polish exporters expand on foreign markets - survey

A majority of Polish exporters continue to increase their involvement on the foreign markets by finding new customers or expanding their product range, according to a recent study carried out by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE).

Innovative companies were the most active exporters (87 pct) and were followed by large and medium-sized enterprises (86 pct and 82 pct respectively) against 55 pct among small firms.

The surveyed companies usually boost their exports through finding new foreign customers (57 pct), entering new markets (14 pct) and offering new goods (17 pct).

Twenty-one percent of respondents reported an increase in exports on the markets where they had operated so far.

New markets were most often sought by innovative companies (23 pct) and firms with foreign capital (21 pct). Food companies (29 pct) and large enterprises (24 pct) were most represented among those offering new goods on foreign markets.

The survey was carried out in cooperation with the Central Statistical Office (GUS) in October 2019. Questions were sent to a randomly selected, representative group of 600 manufacturers-exporters from the industrial production sector.