Most Poles will spend less than EUR 21 on X-mas gifts for one person

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

Fifty-nine percent of Poles are planning to spend no more than PLN 100 (EUR 21) on Christmas gifts for a single person this year, a survey has found.

Forty-seven percent of people declared the PLN 50-100 price range and 12 percent are planning to spend even less than PLN 50, according to a survey by UCE Research and BLIX Group.

Twenty-seven percent have earmarked between PLN 101 and PLN 200 (EUR 21-42.5) per person on gifts.

Just six percent of the respondents will spend between PLN 301 and PLN 400 (EUR 64-85) and only one percent will buy presents for one person that are in the PLN 401-500 price range (EUR 85.5-106.5). Another one percent will spend even more than that.

Seventeen percent will give presents to two-three people, 31 percent to four-five, 22 percent to six-seven, 12 percent to eight-nine and 13 percent to more than 10 people.

The average Pole will spend PLN 500 (EUR 106.5) on Christmas gifts this year.