Most Poles want to work remotely or in hybrid mode after pandemic

Most Poles would like to work remotely for at least a couple of days a week, having grown accustomed to working from home, a poll has found.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, nearly eight out of 10 Polish workers worked solely at their employer's site, and only one in 10 was able to work from home, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita wrote, quoting the results of a survey commissioned by Euro-net, a household equipment and electronic goods retailer.

Today, the percentage of remote workers has tripled to nearly 30 percent, the newspaper added.

"An even bigger group, 63 percent, would like to retain the ability to work from home for good, preferably for one or two days a week," Rzeczpospolita wrote.

Very few, only 13 percent of the respondents, would like to work in the office only when the pandemic is over.

"The dominance of flexible work supporters is even bigger if we take into account that the 13-percent group would like to work from home for a few days a month," the daily wrote, adding that "this means that 76 percent of Poles are looking forward to the possibility of working away from the office."