Most Poles want renewable and nuclear energy in Poland

A majority of Poles are in favour of the development of solar, wind and nuclear power in the country, a new survey shows.

Over 83 percent of the respondents to the United Surveys poll, published on Tuesday, declared their support for building nuclear power plants in the country.

Asked what energy sources should be developed in Poland in the current situation, most respondents (83.7 percent) opted for solar energy (photovoltaics) whereas 68.3 percent pointed to wind power and 48.6 percent to biomass (residues from agricultural production).

At the same time, gas was supported by 26.1 percent and coal energy by 24.7 percent of respondents.

The nationwide survey was carried out on November 4-6, using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) method on a representative group of 1,000 adult Poles.