Most Poles see war in Ukraine as security threat

About 73 percent of Poles believe Russia's war in Ukraine poses a threat to Poland's security, a poll has shown.

Of those, 29 percent said that the war is definitely a threat and 44 percent said it is likely a threat, according to a CBOS survey published on Wednesday. Eighteen percent said the hostilities are likely not a threat to Poland and 3 percent believed they are not a threat at all.

Six percent of those surveyed had no opinion on the matter.

However, in a similar survey run in late February and early March, soon after Russia attacked Ukraine, as many as 85 percent of respondents perceived the Kremlin's offensive as dangerous for Poland. A month later, the figure dropped to 79 percent.

CBOS ran the survey on a sample of 1,087 Poles on May 2-12, 2022.