Most Poles see Ukraine war as security threat to Poland


A majority of Poles see the Russia-Ukraine war as a threat to Polish national security, a new poll has found.

According to the CBOS poll, published on Thursday, 75 percent of the respondents regard the war as a threat while 23 percent do not.

Also, sixty-four percent of those polled believe Ukraine should continue fighting without making any concessions, whereas 24 percent say the war should be brought to an end by all means.

Fears for Poland's security are voiced more frequently by women (79 percent) than men (70 percent), as well as by 83 percent of elderly respondents, 79 percent of unskilled workers and 79 percent of housewives.

Up to 34 percent of the pollees believe Russia will withdraw from Ukraine, while 23 percent say Ukraine will have to cede some of its territory to Moscow. According to 3 percent, Russia will ultimately seize control of the entire country.

Asked if Poland should continue to admit Ukrainian refugees, 32 percent said "decidedly yes," 51 percent "rather yes," 9 percent "rather not" and 8 percent "decidedly not."

CBOS noted that the lower the respondents' material standing, the higher were their security fears connected with the war.

CBOS ran the mixed-mode survey from November 7 to 17 on a sample of 1,038 adult Poles.