Most Poles see their country as safe

Albert Zawada/PAP

Some 88 percent of Poles say that their country is safe and 96 percent believe the same is true about their neighbourhood, a poll has shown.

In its annual survey devoted to safety, the CBOS pollster asked respondents about their feelings of safety and threat in Poland.

Only 9 percent of the respondents say they feel unsafe, while 3 percent have no opinion.

"Compared to the previous year, we have seen a significant increase in the feeling of safety among Poles as the share of those who consider Poland as a safe country has increased by 5 percentage points and the share of those with the opposite opinion has decreased by 4 percentage points," CBOS said on Thursday.

Only 3 percent of Poles, one percentage point less than last year, think their neighbourhood, such as borough, housing district or village, is dangerous.

Thirty-six percent of respondents are afraid they could become a victim of crime, down 4 percentage points (pps) compared to last year, while 61 percent, down 3 pps, do not share such concerns.

Eighty-three percent say they have not experienced a crime against them in the last five years. Twelve percent have experienced a theft, 5 percent a break-in and 2 percent suffered physical harm.

Only one percent say they have been mugged and robbed over the past five years, while four percent said they have suffered mobbing, fraud, data leak or extortion.

CBOS ran the survey on 1,081 Poles from April 11 to 20, 2023.