Most Poles say country is moving in wrong direction

Fifty eight percent of Poles surveyed by the CBOS pollster believed their country was moving in the wrong direction (1 percentage point down on June), 27 percent thought otherwise (3 pps up) and fifteen percent could not say (2 pps down).

Fifty two percent feared Poland's overall situation will worsen within the coming year (2 pps down), 25 percent expected no major changes (1 pp up), 13 percent expected improvement (1 pp down). Ten percent could not say (2 pps up).

Almost half of the respondents (47 percent) described Poland's economic situation as bad (unchanged from June), 28 percent as neither good nor bad (unchanged), 20 percent as good (1 pp down). Five percent could not say.

Asked about the political situation in Poland, 47 percent described it as bad (2 pps up), 27 percent as neither good nor bad (2 pps down), 19 percent as good (1 pp up). Seven percent could not say (1 pp down).

CBOS noted that the increased pessimism visible in the July survey was the effect of rising inflation fears.

CBOS ran the mixed-mode survey from June 27 to July 7 on a representative sample of 1,084 adult Poles.