Most Poles living in UK want to return to country after Brexit - report

Only 38 percent of Poles living in the UK have applied to stay there after Brexit while most of them are considering returning to Poland, the daily Rzeczpospolita wrote on Monday.

Under the 'divorce' deal, EU citizens who do not obtain 'settled status' or have not applied for such status by the end of 2020 will not have the right to live and work in the UK. While 80 percent of Romanians and Bulgarians have requested such a document, the percentage of Poles' applications is significantly lower, the newspaper said.

The Polish government's major goal in the Brexit negotiations was preserving the rights of Poles living in Britain, Polish Ambassador to the UK Arkady Rzegocki told the daily, adding that the British had included a lot of Polish suggestions in the divorce deal, including a simplification of the application form for obtaining 'settled status.'

According to Rzegocki, there are just over 900,000 Poles living in the UK at the moment after around 116,000 left the country last year.

"Our estimates show that 80 percent of Poles who leave Great Britain are moving to Poland," the ambassador said, adding that the return trend will continue or may even intensify due to uncertainty around Brexit but also because Poles believe the quality of life in Poland is changing for the better.