Most Poles have strong feeling of job security - poll

The vast majority of Poles are confident that they will be able to keep their jobs, a new survey has found.

Seventy percent of respondents believe that their jobs are secure, while 27 percent take into account the possibility of losing their job, according to a survey by the CBOS public opinion research centre.

Over half the respondents (59 pct) described their job situation as good whereas 14 percent said there situation was bad, and 2 percent said the situation in their workplaces was very bad. Twenty-six percent said it was "neither good nor bad."

The best assessment of the job situation was expressed by employees of state-owned enterprises and public institutions. Their assessment of their situation has also improved since November.

On the other hand, the mood among people working in private companies has worsened.

The most negative sentiment prevailed among people working on farms, although their ratings have improved slightly compared to the previous month.

In the December poll, 55 percent of respondents were confident their job situation would not change over the next 12 months, 17 percent expected an improvement and 16 percent said it would deteriorate. Twelve percent were unable to assess what the situation of their workplace would look like in the coming year.

As noted by CBOS, the survey was carried out in early December, when all the shops, shopping malls and retail parks were open again after nearly month-long restrictions on their operations. This could have influenced the general social climate, the pollster said.

The survey was conducted between November 30 and December 10, 2020, on a representative sample of 1,010 people using mixed methodology.