Most Poles fear climate change

The vast majority of Poles fear climate change, according to a new survey published by Deloitte, an international advisory and consultancy firm, on Wednesday.

The survey found that 81 percent were troubled by the earth’s changing climate, and over one-third of the pollees favoured higher taxes in return for climate safety. Also over three quarters said they were prepared to pay more for environment-friendly products.

In the poll, 55 percent said current measures against climate change were insufficient, while 43 percent wanted immediate action to avert climate change. Only 7 percent believed enough was being done at the moment.

Asked what measures they themselves employed to avert climate change, over two thirds of the surveyed households named waste segregation, 62 percent restrictions on food wastefulness and 61 percent limited use of water.

According to Deloitte, the most concerned about climate change are women, people over 50, professionally active people and parents.