Most Poles do not fear war coming to Poland, survey finds

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Only a minority of Poles fear that the war in Ukraine could spill over into Poland, a new poll has found.

According to the IBRiS poll, published in the Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Thursday, 34 percent of the respondents admitted they feared the war might move onto Polish territory.

In contrast 45 percent of Poles have no fear that the Russia-Ukraine war will come to Poland.

One in five had no opinion in the matter.

Rzeczpospolita wrote that the poll found that fears the war will not move to Poland were lower among male respondents, respondents over 40, rural dwellers, secondary school graduates, academics, and higher-bracket earners.

The paper also noted a rising interest in military service in Poland.

IBRiS ran the computer-assisted survey on March 4-5 on a random group of 1,100 Poles.