Most Poles consulted doctors by phone during pandemic

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Sixty two percent of Poles in a CBOS survey said they consulted physicians by telephone at least once during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Forty nine percent said they consulted doctors personally.

Sixty six percent consulted GPs, 45 percent specialists, 39 percent both. Twenty six percent booked non-refundable medical consultations, CBOS said.

Non-refundable consultations were mainly sought by inhabitants of cities over 500,000 (36 percent), members of high-income households (38 percent), academics (43 percent) and executive staff (52 percent).

Least interested in such consultations were school youth and students (12 percent), pensioners (18 percent), farmers (13 percent), members of low-income households (16 percent) and poorly educated persons (15 percent).

CBOS noted that more women sought medical consultation than men (respectively 78 and 65 percent). Most consultation-seekers belonged to the over-65 age group.

CBOS ran the survey from June 1 to 11 on a random sample of 1,166 adult Poles.