Most Poles cannot afford a holiday - survey

Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

As many as 59 percent of the Polish public cannot afford to go on holiday this year, a new survey has shown.

The Friday edition of the Super Express daily, which commissioned the research, highlighted the effects of inflation on Poles' vacation plans.

"Inflation stood at almost 14 percent in May and according to economists, the peak in price-hikes will occur in the summer or autumn," the paper wrote. "We can buy ever less for the money we've earned, in other words we're getting poorer. The worsening financial situation of Poles means that many of us will not be able to go away for a desired holiday."

The daily reported on a poll in which respondents were asked whether they could afford to go on holiday, to which 41 percent answered 'yes' and 59 percent 'no.'

The survey was conducted by the Badan Pollster researcher on May 24-25 on a group of 1,062 adult Poles.