Most Poles believe Ukraine war is threat to Poland's security - poll

The majority of Poles feel that the war in Ukraine threatens their country's security, a new survey has found.

According to the CBOS poll, 64 percent of respondents said that the war endangered the country's security (down 6 percentage points compared to an August survey), while 30 percent felt the opposite.

But the September poll also showed the lowest percentage of Poles fearing a spread of the war since its outbreak in February 2022.

CBOS also asked the respondents if Poland should accept Ukrainian refugees from areas affected by the war. Seventeen percent of the surveyed said "definitely yes", 48 percent "rather yes", 10 percent "definitely not" and 18 percent indicated "rather not."

As noted by CBOS, the percentage of Poles supporting accepting refugees from Ukraine dropped significantly in September, reaching its lowest level since the start of the war.

The poll also showed that 41 percent of respondents "voluntarily and for free" help refugees from Ukraine.

The surveyed Poles were also asked about their attitude towards Ukrainian refugees establishing their own schools, cultural centres, areas and churches in Poland.

According to CBOS, the results show a "significant" reluctance towards such ideas with 87 percent against Ukrainian areas, 58 percent against Ukrainian schools, 51 percent against Ukrainian Orthodox churches and 48 percent saying no to Ukrainian cultural centres.

The poll was carried out from September 4 to 14 on a random sample of 1,073 Poles.

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