Most Poles against easing Russia sanctions despite high cost

Paweł Supernak/PAP

Nearly 60 percent of Poles are against reducing the sanctions that the West has imposed on Moscow for invading Ukraine even if it means that energy prices will remain high, a poll has shown.

In a SW Research survey for the website run by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, 57 percent said the West should keep restrictions on Russia while 16 percent said the opposite. Over 24 percent could not say.

Men are more determined to keep the sanctions in place (67 percent) than women (54 percent). Older respondents, over 50 years of age, are also more in favour of sanctions (68 percent) than younger people, at or below 24 years of age (43 percent).

SW Research ran the online survey on a representative sample of 800 adult respondents between September 27 and 28.