Most people who died of Covid were unvaccinated says health ministry

Paweł Supernak/PAP

The vast majority of the 570 Covid deaths reported on Wednesday, were of unvaccinated people, the health ministry spokesman has said.

The death toll was the highest since the start of the fourth wave.

"Of the 570 deaths, 427 were people who had not been vaccinated," said Wojciech Andrusiewicz. "Around 75 percent of those who succumbed to the disease were unvaccinated. Of the 143 vaccinated people, I emphasise who were fully vaccinated, 106 of them were affected by other diseases, that is, they had at least two other medical conditions."

"The age of vaccinated people who lost their lives to Covid, who had these comorbidities, is over 77 years, which means they are mainly the elderly."

He added that over the past 24 hours, 1,800 ambulance call-outs were for Covid patients, with 1,200 trips to people suffering from reduced blood-oxygen saturation.

"Unfortunately, if we decide to call an ambulance, we often make the decision much too late. Hence, the situation often ends tragically," Andrusiewicz said.