Most citizens feel safe living in Poland


Eighty nine percent of Poles in a CBOS survey said Poland was a safe country to live in, 8 percent believed the opposite, 3 percent could not say.

CBOS noted that Poland's safety levels found more approval among male than female pollees (respectively 91 and 86 percent), contentment with public safety was also higher among better-educated and well-earning pollees.

Poland was described as a safe country by only 74 percent of low-bracket earners, 70 percent of unskilled labourers and 79 percent of farmers.

Sixty six percent said said they did not fear falling prey to crime, 33 percent admitted they feared for their safety, 2 percent admitted their safety fears were acute.

According to CBOS approval of Poland's public safety rose with education and financial standing.

CBOS ran the survey on April 4-11 on a random sample of 1,064 adult Poles.