Most believe child benefit hike will increase inflation, survey finds

A majority of Poles believe that raising the 500 Plus child benefit will increase inflation, according to a Market Research Institute (IBRiS) survey for Radio ZET.

The government recently announced it would hike the monthly amount paid per child from PLN 500 (EUR 110) to PLN 800 (EUR 176).

Asked "Do you think increasing the social welfare measure 500 plus to PLN 800 will have an influence on inflation in Poland?” 65.1 percent said "yes."

Only 1.9 percent of respondents said that hike would reduce it.

At the same time, 25.2 percent of respondents believe that increasing the benefit will not affect inflation. The answer "I don't know/hard to say" was chosen by 7.8 percent of people surveyed.

The IBRiS poll, commissioned by Radio ZET, was conducted on May 26-27, 2023, using the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview method on a nationwide sample of 1,100 people.