More US infantry mobility vehicles arrive in Poland

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

Poland's defence ministry has announced that another delivery of Cougar armoured vehicles from the US has arrived in Poland.

"Another delivery of 63 MRAP COUGAR 4x4 multi-purpose vehicles for the Polish Army arrived in Poland," the defence ministry tweeted on Friday. It added that vehicles had been adapted to the requirements of the Polish Armed Forces.

The contract for the purchase of 300 used Cougars with enhanced mine resistance from US military surplus was signed last December by Poland's Ministry of National Defence in a deal valued at USD 27.5 million.

Cougar belongs to the lightest category of MRAP vehicles and it is designed for escorting and patrolling as well as transporting soldiers operating team weapons. It can carry up to six people (two crew members, four soldiers).