More than quarter of Poles considering purchase of electric car

Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

Twenty-eight percent of Poles are thinking about buying an electric vehicle (EV) within the next three years; 76 pct said that their decision would be based on whether they would receive subsidies, said the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA).

According to PSPA's 2019/2020 New Mobility Barometer, 28 pct of the respondents were seriously considering the purchase or a zero or low-emission vehicle. In 2018 and 2017, the percentages stood at 17 pct and 12 pct, respectively.

PSPA also pointed out that the popularity of diesel vehicles was declining. Last year 35 pct of those polled were considering buying a diesel car, this year that number dropped to 28 pct.

PSPA Managing Director Maciej Mazur noted that the largest barrier to electric mobility in Poland remained the prices of EVs, which for 59 pct of the respondents were too high.

The majority of those surveyed (61 pct) said that they would consider buying an EV if it was in the PLN 50,000 to PLN 150,000 price range (EUR 11,668 to EUR 35,004).

The PSPA study also indicated that subsidies were a factor that would motivate many potential buyers to invest in an EV. Seventy-six percent of respondents said this would be a key element in their purchase decisions.

A total of 1,534 surveys were collected for the study.