More than 250,000 Ukrainians in Poland hold residency permits

The number of Ukrainians with a residency permit in Poland has exceeded 250,000, the Office for Foreigners (UdSC) has reported.

UdSC Spokesman Jakub Dudziak said that Ukrainian citizens settling in Poland are mainly people under 40, emigrating for work.

"However, more and more of them want to stay in the country for a longer period," Dudziak said. "This is evidenced by the growing number of applications for a residence permit and the group of people already in possession of such documents."

According to the UdSC, the vast majority of permits are issued in connection with taking up a job. The next most common purposes of staying in Poland are family issues, which accounts for about 12 percent cases, and education - about 5 percent, the UdSC said.

Citizens of Ukraine settle down mainly in large cities. The most popular regions are the Mazowieckie province - 52,000 people, Malopolskie province - 31,000, and Wielkopolskie province - 29,000.

According to Personnel Service, an employment and HR consultancy that is involved in hiring foreigners in Poland, before the pandemic the total number of Ukrainians working in Poland amounted to 1.3 million, and it is estimated at 1 million now.

Ukrainians are the biggest group of foreigners in Poland, a country of 38 million. Most of them do not need a residency permit to work officially as they often come for just a few months. This type of document is needed only when foreigners want to stay in the country for a longer period of time.