More than 1,500 firms in Poland with US capital - report

There are over 1,500 businesses in Poland with American capital, which employ 267,000 people, says a report by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Poland and KPMG in Poland.

KPMG, together with AmCham in Poland, has prepared a report summarising 30 years of American investment in Poland.

According to research conducted by AmCham, the number of companies with US capital operating in Poland exceeds 1,500. These firms employ nearly 267,000 people and, also taking into account indirect employment, up to 309,000 persons. It was added that, in 2010-2018, employment in companies with American capital doubled.

Official statistics show that the cumulative value of US investments in Poland at the end of 2018 was estimated at USD 24.4 billion. However, according to AmCham, the total investment in Poland from the US is worth even USD 62.7 billion dollars, taking into account investments made by companies from the US which currently belong to entities from other countries.

The report indicates that the average involvement of foreign investors in industry is 38 percent, and American, 55 percent.

Data show that the TOP 10 companies by employment size include: Amazon, United Technologies Corp., Lear Corp., IBM Corp, McDonald's Corp., Citigroup, CVC Capital Partners, Tenneco, the General Electric Company and the Whirlpool Corporation.