More 'radio-stop' rail incidents reported in Poland

The number of passenger trains brought to a halt on Tuesday by false emergency signals in Poland had risen to 25 by mid-afternoon.

The stoppages were the latest of a series of incidents that have disrupted Polish rail traffic in recent days.

Karol Jakubowski, a spokesman for Poland's passenger railway service PKP PLK, told PAP on Tuesday that earlier in the day, unjustified use of radio-stop signals was recorded in four provinces, the central Mazowieckie and Lodzkie, southwestern Opolskie and northern Pomorskie.

"A total of 25 passenger trains were stopped," he said, adding that passengers did not suffer any harm.

According to Jakubowski, "all cases have been reported to the competent services responsible for determining the details of the events."

The incidents occurred despite the arrest of two people on Monday in connection with similar incidents over the weekend.

Nearly 100 trains across the north-western and north-eastern regions of the country were either brought to a halt or delayed after someone had broadcast emergency radio stop signals.

Poland's Internal Security Agency (ABW), the police and rail companies have launched an investigation. 

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